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Consider that we are not spoiled hair side, we can not say they are beautiful, plus they are used to bristle with or without humidity so they always end up trapped in an elastic or, at best cases, a nice bar.

It’s a shame because there is no hair that resist a good cut. A haircut woman thoughtful, consistent with the face shape, features, complexion of the skin and a beautiful color could absolutely change your appearance. If by chance you do not discover your style, just follow the advice of a good hairdresser, it’s worth the inversion, because after you can go to any hairdresser and ask him to make the cut that best fits your body and you want even make a good picture because hair does not depend on a seasonal fashion, but your personality and your face.

A good hairdresser specializes in helping women’s hair is always there to guide her best and if you are not satisfied with his performance should not be afraid to seek another. Always find the haircut ideal age, the structure of hair, the shape of life … Well, the haircut woman must adapt to us rather than the reverse, they should be easy to live and we must avoid becoming slaves to a hairstyle.

We need to know that 20 years everything is permitted and possible, it is not just the face that allows the hair has not suffered yet, but after 50 the hair, just like the face, are not the same either.

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