A Glamorous Headdress – the Hair Band

Next to the currently fashionable emphasis hair band that has been mentioned many times before, is also the headband as a headdress. Hair maturity, there are numerous variations in all colors. Some hairstyles that can be created with the headdress, are presented in this text.

The hair band head dress as in combination with the ponytail

They tie a high ponytail, in which all the hair back tightly to be taken. This is a hair friendly elastic band the color of the hair band (if possible) fixed by. Then you give the hair by hair spray the right fit. Then let the hairspray dry briefly and then set the hair band just behind the ears in the middle of the head. The pony game, if available, can ever be taken back to wish for or it can also plucked a few strands will be brought forward to and in form.

The hair band head dress as related to natural curls

If you have naturally curly, you can use the hair band can easily create two beautiful hairstyles.

The first variant:

Bring your hair, as usual, in the form and distribute evenly so that the curls framing the face. To keep the hair from her face and to achieve an additional effect, now a hair band is pulled from front to back and placed in the middle of the head.

The second variant

You must first pull the handle has a central ridge crest. The hair is then summarized very loose and casual with a hair clip or hair tie. The headband is centrally placed on the head and not like in the first variant of the front to the rear.

Have fun trying!

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