Total the Day – the Hair Band as a Hair Accessory (Part 2)

Have you bought a hair band in your favorite color? Hopefully, for now the next hairstyle proposals come with a hair band as a hair accessory.

The hair band – accompanied by a loose ponytail

First, we combed the bangs loose forward. Then they pull a side parting. At the back of the head, the hair is antoupiert a bit and finally fixed with a loose ponytail halfway down. Place the headband on the head center and tie it firmly at the back under the horse’s tail. The ends can either simply hang or hide under the cloth.

The hair band – worked into a braid

Very original weave, it is also the hair band in a normal braid. This is all the hair combed straight back and assembles them into a ponytail. Now the hair band placed around the beginning and Flechtkreuz for Flechtkreuz with woven into the braid. Below is tied to the rest of the hair band and tie a loop.

The hair band – the hippie-revival style

This style, reminiscent of the Flower Power movement works, pretty simple. First, spray your hair with some hair spray to give better grip the cloth. Then put the headband from front to back around the head and tie it back. Now you have to hide only the ends under the cloth and finished the hippie look.

Of course there are many more styling ideas for a hairstyle with hair band. One can also easily imagine yourself hairstyles.

Give it a try! I hope you enjoy!

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